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Ear Microsuction

Ear Microsuction in Farringdon, London

Cerumen, commonly known as ear wax, is present in everyone. It traps dust/dirt and offers protection against ear infections. Although ear wax usually falls out on its own, when it builds up and blocks your ears, a pharmacist can help. At W C & K King Pharmacy, we provide not only a simple but also an effective ear wax removal service in Farringdon, London.

Signs Of Excess Earwax

Symptoms of earwax build-up include:

– Hearing loss
– Earache or blocked ears
– Ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus)
– Vertigo (feeling dizzy and sick)

ear microsuction

Ear Wax Removal Service In Farringdon, London

If you have ear wax build-up, visit W C & K King Pharmacy for help. Our pharmacist will not only advise but also recommend the best treatment to clear earwax. They may propose either the use of medicines or ear syringing to remove the wax. However, this will depend on the level of build-up.

If you have a hole in your eardrum (a perforated eardrum), do not use drops.

Consequently, you can consult with your GP if:

– You still have symptoms after 5 days
– Your ear is badly blocked and you have hearing problems since you can get an infection if it has not cleared

Ear wax removal service in Farringdon, London

Not All GP Practices Perform Earwax Removal Services In Farringdon, London.
Some can:

– Flush the wax out with water (ear irrigation/syringing)
– Suck the wax out (microsuction)

These treatments are normally painless. Therefore, you might have to pay to have them done privately.

What Causes Earwax Build-Up?

Excess ear wax can occur if:

– Your ear canal is narrow or damaged
– You have a skin problem that affects your scalp or around your ear
– You have excess hair in your ear canals
– Your ear canal has inflammation (otitis externa or “swimmer’s ear“)

Prevent Ear Wax Build-Up with our Ear Microsuction in Farringdon, London

You cannot stop the production of earwax since it’s there to protect your ears from dust and germs.
Nevertheless, continuous use of eardrops for several days can soften the wax. As a result, the excess wax will fall out on its own hence preventing blocking.
Are you suffering from excessive earwax build-up? Visit us for an ear wax removal service in Farringdon, London today.


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