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Medical Grade Skincare

Medical Grade Skincare in Farringdon, London

Welcome to Jameela Aesthetics, your trusted destination for medical-grade skincare in Farringdon, London. Located within W C & K King Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced skincare products and treatments to help you achieve healthy, radiant, and rejuvenated skin.


Our Services

Customised Skincare Regimens

Our skincare experts will assess your skin type, concerns, and goals to create a personalised skincare regimen tailored to your needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that you receive the most effective products and treatments for your specific skin concerns.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Combat the signs of ageing with our medical-grade skincare solutions. From powerful antioxidants to collagen-boosting ingredients, our products can help minimise fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness, promoting a more youthful complexion.

Acne Management

Say goodbye to stubborn breakouts and achieve clearer skin with our targeted acne management products. Our medical-grade skincare solutions can help regulate oil production, reduce inflammation, and prevent future blemishes, restoring a healthier complexion.

Hyperpigmentation and Brightening

Address uneven skin tone, sunspots, and hyperpigmentation with our specialised brightening treatments. Our medical grade skincare products contain potent ingredients that can help fade discolouration and reveal a brighter, more even complexion.

Skin Protection

Shield your skin from environmental damage with our range of protective skincare products. From broad-spectrum sunscreens to antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, we offer solutions to safeguard your skin and prevent premature ageing. Medical Grade Skincare in London


Experience the Difference of Medical Grade Skincare

At Jameela Aesthetics, we are committed to helping you achieve your skincare goals with our range of medical-grade skincare services. With expert guidance, advanced formulations, and proven results, we can elevate your skincare routine to the next level.

Discover the transformative power of medical-grade skincare and experience the benefits of healthy, radiant skin. Schedule a consultation with our skincare experts at Jameela Aesthetics in Farringdon, London and embark on a journey to rejuvenated and glowing skin today.

Please note that availability for medical-grade skincare services at Jameela Aesthetics may vary. To learn more about our products and treatments or to book an appointment, feel free to contact us directly.


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